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Memo STYLE is a Design company, made up of young emerging creatives in the design fields based in Bahrain. The company first came to life in 2005 as the brainchild of creative founder Mustafa Al Marzooq, whose creative designer services were in high demand for small-medium companies. After the success with small-medium companies, Memo Services conquered the big ones. The company’s namesake is attributed to it’s owner as it was his nickname among his friends and acquaintance . On 2014, the name of the company was changed from Memo Services, to Memo STYLE, which fits the company rich profile better.  At any battle, the number of soldiers doesn’t matter as much as what kind of soldiers are, here at Memo Services we pay extra attention in choosing the people who work with us, as we strongly believe that having a strong HR base is the key for a successful company.
That is why we gradually increased the number of Memo STYLE employees, as we started off with only one, two in 2013, and now we are reaching ten employees.

As we always say, “first comes first” and what’s first for us is the customer, we like to deliver a convenient feeling that makes you love your website what you consider home. Memo STYLE employees are committed to do their best to give you the best, while taking in consideration respect and responsibility, and with the help of the best programs and techniques your website is in good hands. We help you grow as we grow.

When we first started MemoSTYLE, what we were thinking of is making a unique, friendly, understanding company and the most important part is that we serve the customer as if he/she was family. Everybody is sick of the old dull work procedures, especially us! Creating a web world where doing business is fun and effective, that’s what all Memo STYLE is about.

We Believe… That the future of web world is in the hands of the youth. It was started by the youth, used by the youth and will be developed by the youth. We can make it a better place if we work hard, shared information and experiences. We Can… Build a professional web service company with hard work, innovation, and a small cup of love! That’s all we need to give the web services another meaning (or in our case another taste!). We Do… the best to give you the best! We never like empty promises, that’s why we don’t deliver such. Memo STYLE company, we believe, we can, we DO!

  • To be one of the best web services companies in Bahrain, GCC, and the world.
  • Serving our customers the best way we can.
  • Providing the best technical solutions and consulting services for the customers.
  • Keeping the levels of customer service good.
  • Focusing on after sale services (Customer Services) to be on the best terms it is.
  • A complete technical support team that has experiences and skills.
  • Developing the skills of administration team always to keep up with the fast changing world of web services.
Website Design, 95
Graphic Design, 90
Printing Services, 85
Photography, 92
Mobile Apps, 68
Video Montage, 49